4 stage model to athletic development – Part 2!

After the recent post on a 4 Stage model to athletic development, I received a lot of feedback online as to how this might pertain to other movements other than squatting. So I decided to add some more content surrounding the other fundamental movements.

The powerpoint presentation below is aimed at equipping sport coaches and development officers within the coaching network of my organisation with the philosophy and understanding to implement the system within their own contexts. In essence this is outlining what we are looking for within players as they progress onto more formalised S&C programmes, rather than just “getting strong” in 1 or 2 over emphasised lifts.

I’ve added in some ideas around motor learning and progressions for the hinge, horizontal/vertical push, horizontal/vertical pull, trunk bracing, as well as jumping/landing. Each of these is prefaced by some key coaching points that I tried to select as being universal for all variations of that movement. I’d love to get more feedback on my ideas if you can spare the time!

You can find the powerpoint presentation below:

Movement Hierarchy

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