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Ebook Launch! 50% OFF!

We are very pleased to announce the official launch of our new Ebook, “How to actually get a job in Strength & Conditioning: What your university isn’t teaching you.”

It is now on Launch week discount at just £4.99, but only until Sunday 17th March ! Get your copy here!

The 33 page Ebook covers:

  • The road not taken
  • The reality of Strength & Conditioning
  • Know thyself
  • Connection
  • Certification
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Contribution
  • Character
  • The Sweet spot
  • Conclusion

The Ebook includes insider tips and tricks such as the best places to find jobs, how to create your network, how to improve your CV and much, much more!!

Here’s what our reviewers had to say!

As a strength and conditioning coach myself, I found this book is not only insightful and truthful but also VERY helpful. A must read for all who want to enter the world of sports conditioning. There is nothing else out there to my knowledge like this, I will be recommending. Great read Rob 10/10″

– Jake Peake

“Very useful as an S&C coach. Includes exercises you can complete at the end of each section allowing you to action tasks thereby being practically productive as well as improving your knowledge of the field. Class read!

-Uti Oussellam

“Being a strength and conditioning student in my 3rd year, this E-book was perfect for me. The knowledge in this E-book opened my eyes to what life is like after university. It provides a personal story as well as relevant information to S&C internship and graduate job stats, meaning a look at the bigger picture can also be seen.
The most useful part, in my opinion, was the CV section, It really helped me design and include important information on my own CV. There are also many relevant resources to access for further reading. This is the best and only resource on this topic that I could find online, well worth a read.”

-Todd Price

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