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James Marshall (Excelsior): Coach the athlete in front of you

James Marshall is the Owner of Excelsior Athletic Training and Director of Excelsior Athletic Development Club, as well as a coach educator and mentor, business owner and director. He is also the author of “Training Young Athletes”, “Get Stronger”, “Run Faster” and “Jump Higher”.

In this podcast,  James discusses:

  • Coming into gymnastics “cold” as an adult coach.
  • Why all coaches need to understand movement.
  • Understanding that you are coaching people and not research subjects.
  • The importance of fun.
  • Why social interaction is more important with age.
  • How learning is not linear.

You can find out more about James’ work with Excelsior via the website and via his Twitter: @CoachExcelsior and on the Youtube Channel: Excelsior Athletic Training.

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