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Harry Weatherstone (Youth Athletic Development Academy): Nail the basics and earn the right.

Harry Weatherstone is the owner of the Youth Athletic Development Academy, on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

In this podcast, Harry discusses: 

  • His background as a tennis athlete and coach. 
  • How he transitioned into athletic development. 
  • The value of working independently in your own coaching business. 
  • The importance of keeping it simple in both communication and programming. 
  • Earning the right to progress in the program. 
  • A day in the life of Harry, including his mid day trip to the beach! 
  • How school children are often doing a crazy amount of sport training. The importance of teaching kids basic recovery methods like sleep, nutrition and hydration. 

You can follow Harry’s work via the YAD website: and via Instagram at @yadacademy  as well as his personal account @coach_harryw

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