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Jake Aliker (Formula 1 Performance Coach): Asking better questions

Jake has recently completed a five year stint working with Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing in Formula 1. Jake’s role had been to provide performance management through physical conditioning, mentoring and ensuring optimal energy for lifestyle and race performance. Working closely with race engineers, team managers, physiologists and doctors, Jake helped to positively coordinate and implement strategies that allowed Max to perform in the car and thrive as a professional. The success of this team enabled Max to challenge competitors in faster cars relentlessly, evident throughout the 2019 season, he was rewarded with the recognition as “Driver of the Year”.

More recently, Jake has been devoted to growing his performance coaching company, Force and Grace Ltd.

In this podcast, Jake discusses:

  • His time with Max Verstappen.
  • The balance of striving for high standards vs being present and enjoying the moment.
  • His growing interest in development coaching and psychology.
  • The importance of “Creating an environment where athletes come to feel different and express themselves”.
  • Why “The element in any system with the most flexibility will exercise the most influence.”
  • Asking “How” is more important than “Why”.
  • Cultivating the mental ability to switch off/on at will.
  • Letting the performer lead the way.

You can find out more about Jake via his Instagram account: @jake_forceandgrace and via his website .

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