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Dr Craig Harrison (Athlete Development Project): Get some variability!

Dr Craig Harrison loves to show young people how to tap into their inner drive, take control of their learning & pursue their dreams with purpose & passion. An expert in youth athlete development, Craig specialises in the physical and mental sides of sport. He is a coach, a researcher, host of the popular podcast The Athlete Development Show, the husband of former Silver Fern and FIVB international beach volleyball player Anna Harrison & father of 3. With a unique ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple way that inspires action, Craig supports youth athletes and their parents to unlock personal performance & fulfil sporting potential. 

In this episode Craig discusses: 

  • The importance of starting with a foundation of relationships. 
  • The transferability of what we do into the context that drives the athlete. 
  • What his motivation was to move from “High Performance” to the developmental level. 
  • His new initiatives: The Athlete Development Project and the Athlete Environment. 
  • Operating on the edge of Chaos. The importance of creating adaptability and variability in our athlete. 
  • Creating a bigger movement library to help build the ability to solve new problems. Who’s asking the athlete what they want? 

You can follow Craig work via his Instagram: @drcraigharrison , Twitter: @drcraigharrison and Facebook: Dr Craig Harrison . I would also strongly recommend checking out The Athlete Development Show podcast

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