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Jared Deacon (Scottish Rugby): From last place to the Olympic Games

Jared Deacon is a former international 400m athlete. He has worked for UK Athletics, English Institute of Sport and is currently Lead Academy S&C Coach for Scottish Rugby in Edinburgh. Alongside S&C coaching, Jared has also coached international sprinters and hurdlers as a track coach including European, World and Olympic medallists.

In this episode Jared discusses: 

  • Growing up as the youngest of 8 kids in South Shields.
  • Being coached by his brother.
  • Being a late developer in Athletics.
  • Qualifying for and competing at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.
  • Watching Jonathan Edwards, Michael Johnson and Cathy Freeman competing.
  • His transition from athlete to coach.
  • His “Shotgun to Rifle” approach.
  • Common mistakes and non-negotiables in coaching speed to young athletes.
  • The importance of teaching movement skill to developing athletes.
  • Why it’s so important to keep the bigger picture in mind coaching youth athletes.

You can keep up to date with Jared via Twitter: @jaredmdeacon .

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