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Katie Richards (British Gymnastics): Working with humans.

Katie is a Coach Education Development Manager at British Gymnastics, as well as a BASES Accredited Sport Scientist and former Senior Sport Psychology & Coaching Science Lecturer at St Mary’s University for many years. Katie has been a leading figure within the UK gymnastics scene for several years, offering sport psychology support to a number of clubs and coaches.

In this episodes Katie discusses:

  • Her journey from failed ballerina to World level Gymnast.
  • Her concept of “The Dash”.
  • Having a combination of a Humanistic and Cognitive behaviourist approach.
  • The unrealistic expectations of going “clean” at competition.
  • Challenging belief systems and cultures.
  • The importance of Self-awareness, Acceptance, Realistic Evaluation and Focus.
  • How all coaching is just working with humans with varying degrees of perception, ability and emotional intelligence.
  • Prehab vs Rehab in Psychology.

You can find out more about Katie via her Instagram account: @katie_richards_csci and via her website .

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