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Nathan Parnham (The Sporting Parent, St Augustine’s College): Having an impact on individuals for life.

Nathan Parnham is an Athletic Development Coach based in Sydney Australia. He has worked in various roles throughout his career in the development and professional space across both genders for close to two decades. He has recently taken up a role as head of athletic development for St Augustine‚Äôs College. He has played role in the development of a range of state, national, and professional athletes currently plying their trade in the Australian Netball League, A/W-league’s, NRL, Super Rugby, Rugby7s, and the ITF Tennis Circuit.

In this episode Nathan discusses:

  • His career at the Australian Women’s Rugby 7’s, Paramatta Eels and 3 different schools.
  • His mindset shift from building the physical to having an impact on individuals for life.
  • How you will learn the most skills from the most uncomfortable environments.
  • His new role delivering an Athleic Development framework from year 5 – 12 at St Augustine’s College.
  • The need for long term stability in Coaching staff for effective LTAD programs.
  • Creating “The Sporting Parent” to provide a credible resource to educate and empower parents.
  • The difference between coaching a 10 year veteran and a aspiring athlete.

You can keep up to date with Nathan via his personal Instagram: @nathan_parnham as well as The Sporting Parent on @thesportingparent and via the website .

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