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Robin Eager (England Rugby): The developing rugby athlete

Robin is currently the Men’s Pathways Athletic Performance Manager at England Rugby, having worked with the Under-20s team for 6 seasons now. Having previously held roles in the Academies at both Gloucester Rugby and Leicester Tigers, Robin has good experience working with the developing Rugby Player.

In this episode Robin discusses:

  • His involvement with England’s Senior squad at the 2015 World Cup and 2016 6 Nations Grand Slam.
  • His unique situation to experience the 14 Premiership Academies.
  • Using the simplest method to get the biggest output with the smallest input.
  • His philosophy of How well, How much and How fast.
  • The importance of understanding the athlete’s why, background and family situation.
  • Bringing all the stakeholders together through clarity and transparency.
  • Why “What you see isn’t what you get” with young athletes.
  • How every training session is a complex social interaction.

You can keep up to date with Robin via his Twitter: @psrve and email him via robineager@rfu.com .

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