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Jamie Salter (York St John University & Athlete Discovery): Is there a relationship between growth-related injury and training load?

Jamie Salter has worked in professional football and rugby league with both youth and adult athletes in a physical preparation role at Barnsley FC, Middlesbrough FC and York Knights RLFC whilst working with various athletes on an ad-hoc basis for many years.

Alongside applied experience, he has spent most of my career in education as a lecturer in further and higher education environments. He is currently a Lecturer at York St John University delivering to under- and post-graduate students in areas of injury prevention, rehabilitation and strength and conditioning. He has presented at several major international conferences and is a current PhD candidate researching the associations between biological maturation and training loads in youth football.

In this episode Jamie discusses:

  • His unique method of getting work experience in professional football.
  • An influential experience coaching for Everton FC’s disability group.
  • His strength of building rapport and relationships with students and athletes.
  • His research on training load and maturation monitoring at professional football academies.
  • His research on the perceptions of training load in athletes of different maturity status.
  • His current thought on the relationship between accelerations, decelerations and change of direction on growth related injuries.

You can keep up to date with Jamie via his Twitter: @jay_salter and @AthleteDiscov , via Instagram: @athletediscovery and via the website www.athletediscovery.co.uk .

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