The Athlete Academy Online is LIVE!

Are you coach of parent of an athlete aged 13-18?

Are they following a structured youth athletic development program or mindlessly following something from bodybuilding.com or Instagram?

Or maybe they used to receive strength & conditioning coaching, but it’s been removed due to the after effects of Corona Virus?

Well I have something for you!

I’ve launched The Athlete Academy Online to provide athletes aged 13-18 with support in their first steps in their physical development journey.

For just 7 days until Friday 18th September, we have Founder Memberships available!

This means you can join for 50% off the usual monthly Membership, for as long as you decided to stay with us! This means instead of 24.99/month you pay only 12.49/month – that’s less than 50p a day!

Our first program “Athletic Foundations” was created to help young athletes and their coaches beginning the Athletic Development Journey.

It’s designed to:

  • Improve their movement.
  • Reduce injury risk.
  • Increase confidence in their physical abilities

Here’s how it works:

  • All delivered by our Phone App!
  • Exercises, sets & reps planned for you!
  • Video demonstrations and written instructions for every exercise!
  • Monthly Performance habits stacking included to optimise nutrition and recovery!
  • No specialist equipment needed!

Improve Movement, Nutrition and Mindset with the Athlete Academy Online!

50% off Founder Memberships end on Friday 18th September and then it will increase to full price of 24.99/month!!

Click here to register today!