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Steffan Jones (Wellington School/Pacelab/Rajasthan Royals): Separate Physical Education from Sport.

Steffan Jones is the last dual professional sportsman in the United Kingdom having played 3 years professional rugby and 20 years professional cricket. Currently, he is Director of Sport Performance at a Wellington School in England and a global fast bowling consultant. He is the fast bowling development coach for the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL as well as consulting for individual fast bowlers, javelin throwers and pitchers around the world. Steffan is in a unique position having played the sport, is a qualified sports scientist, a UKSCA qualified strength and conditioning coach and also as a level 3 qualified technical coach.

In this episode Steffan discusses:

  • His schoolboy rugby career representing Wales.
  • Why he choose Somerset Cricket over Bristol Rugby.
  • Why schools need to separate PE from Sport.
  • Creating a PE curriculum that caters for the 99.5% not the 0.5%
  • The differences between an elite program and being elitist.
  • The attractors of fast bowling performance.
  • His dream of a fast bowling performance centre in the UK.

Listen to the episode in full here.

You can learn more about Steffan’s work by visiting www.pacelab.co.uk or by following him on Instagram: @steffanjones105 .

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