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Jason Avelar (Prescott Junior High School): The Motivation Factor Legacy

Jason Avelar has been a PE teacher for the last 8 years at Prescott Junior High School, considered one of the best physical education schools in America. Prescott was featured in the popular documentary “The Motivation Factor” which stresses the importance of being physically active and explores the unique PE program founded at La Sierra High School in the 1960’s. Jason holds Bachelor’s in Science in Physical Education from the University of Mary, as well as a Masters in Best Practices from National University. He has been a Physical Education Teacher for 12 years, High School Football Coach for 12 years, as well a Junior High School Basketball and Track coach 8 years. He is also a Blue Belt in Jiu Jitsu. 

In this episode Jason discusses: 

  • How he found his own escape in sport and exercise in his youth. 
  • The Fitness based model of PE Curriculum delivered at Prescott. 
  • The unique system of coloured shorts or “trunks” to identify physical achievements. 
  • How the program was altered for younger age groups and those who don’t “level up” 
  • How recording personal records and progress across 20 fitness tests is motivating for adolescents. 
  • How this personal improvement translates into other academic areas. 

You can listen to the episode in full here.

You can keep up to date with Jason via Instagram: @coach_ave34 and Prescott Pride via @prescottpride . You can read Jason’s article on Strong First here and learn more about the Motivation Factor Documentary here

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