Podcast Interviews

James Baker & Mike Young (LTAD Network): What is the LTAD Network?

In this episode I sit down the LTAD Network founders James Baker and Mike Young.

James and Mike discuss:

  • Their own athletic journeys as children/adolescents.
  • How their initial connection on Twitter flourished into a long term business partnership.
  • The evolution in awareness of youth strength & conditioning.
  • The reason behind the rebrand from Proformance to LTAD Network.
  • The aim of building a community of coaches to share ideas, practice and opportunities.
  • Redefining the LTAD space from youth specific to a cradle to grave focus.
  • What’s on offer at the LTAD Network. Membership structure/pricing.
  • What’s coming in the pipeline. How you can connect with the LTAD Network.

Listen to the episode in full here.

To learn more about the LTAD Network check out www.ltadnetwork.com or follow them on Instagram: @ltadnetwork or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ltadnetwork .

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