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Stu Martin (British Weightlifting): Are you practicing under pressure?

Stu Martin is Head of Performance Strategy for British Weightlifting. He was the Team leader for one of England Weightlifting’s most successful commonwealth games of all time in Birmingham 2018 and is the Team leader for Tokyo 2021 through one of GB’s most successful Olympic cycles in weightlifting history. He is a Coach for a number of Britain’s leading weightlifters and is responsible for implementing British Weightlifting’s strategy to develop lifters & coaches and grow the number of talented athletes involved in weightlifting in the UK.

In this episode Stu covers

  • The profile of promising athletes within weightlifting.
  • The expected journey from beginner to elite. 
  • His 3 simple questions. 
  • The fundamentals, good practice, specific and individual factors they consider. 
  • The difference between the preparation and performance mindset. 
  • The different types of pressure experience in competitive weightlifting. 
  • Why and how they recreate pressure within training sessions.

You can listen to the episode in full here.

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