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Dr John P. Wagle (Kansas City Royals): Applying Eccentric Strength Training – from Tempo to Accentuated Loading

Dr. John P. Wagle is the Director, Performance Science / Player Development for the Kansas City Royals. Before joining the Royals, he provided support in strength and conditioning and sport science to university and U.S Olympic Training Site athletes while a doctoral fellow in the Sport Physiology & Performance program at East Tennessee State University. Prior joining ETSU, Wagle was the Director of Sports Performance at DePaul University, overseeing all aspects of the department while working with men’s basketball, women’s softball, and men’s tennis. He has been a published author, invited speaker, and consultant on several topics, including training theory, athlete monitoring, and accentuated eccentric loading. Wagle received his M.S. in exercise science from Western Illinois University and completed his undergraduate work at Augustana College (IL), majoring in physics and business management. He also holds two graduate degrees in business administration from Loyola University (MBA) and North Park University (MNA). As an athlete, Wagle was an All-American infielder at Augustana College and played two seasons of minor league baseball following his collegiate career.

In this episode John discusses:

  • Defining what Accentuated Eccentric Loading (AEL) is.
  • The 3 criteria needed to satisfy AEL.
  • The adaptations stimulated by AEL.
  • How AEL compares to other eccentric methods such as Tempo and Flywheel training.
  • How/When/Where AEL can be applied in practice.
  • His Action, Management, Care model for athlete monitoring.
  • The idea of “Potential Restraint Factors” that can limit athlete performance.

Listen to the episode in full here.

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