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Ash Cox (Edge Hill University): Are we missing a prime opportunity to equip adolescents for resistance training?

Ash’s academic foundations include 3 undergraduate degrees: in Strength and Conditioning, Sports and Exercise Science and Exercise Rehabilitation. Additionally He has post graduate qualifications in Sports and Exercise Medicine and Nutrition, whilst working towards a PhD in Sports and Exercise Science.

Throughout his career he has lectured and worked at various academic institutions and presented at some of the leading educational resources including Chester University and TRA Performance. He has worked with a broad range of sports men and women at elite and amateur level including Tennis, MMA, Rugby, Olympic winter sports, Boxing and Horse racing. He has also presented to premiership football academies on athlete optimisation, specifically strength development to optimise performance and minimize injury. Ash also has a keen interest in supporting the general population and sits as a member of the Faculty of Public Health.

In this episode Ash discusses:

  • How his own experience as a youngster shaped his emphasis on resistance training.
  • Why resistance training is a more accurate representation of post-school physical activity habits for adult life, rather than team sport.
  • How we are failing to capitalise on the school experience as the ideal scenario to equip adolescents in resistance training.
  • The  significant barriers to engaging in effective training programs in school settings.
  • Why PE teachers need greater upskilling and support to deliver effective resistance training.
  • How this change could help improve societal habits and relieve the burden on the National Health Service.

You can listen to the episode in full.

You can follow Ash on Twitter via: @ashcox16 and on Instagram via: @ash_cox . You can can check out Redwood Performance here: www.redwoodperformanceinstitute.co.uk and keep up to date with Ash’s research via his Research Gate profile.

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