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Nicolai Morris (New South Wales Institute of Sport): How to start coaching gymnastic activities.

Nicolai Morris is a strength and conditioning coach with Men and Women’s Hockey at the New South Wales Institute of Sport. Nicolai also works with Tokyo Olympic Silver Medalist High Jumper Nicola McDermott. Previously, Nicolai worked as an S&C specialist with High Performance Sport New Zealand as the lead of the New Zealand women’s hockey team, and with the New Zealand Rowing in the elite and U23/Junior pathways. She also worked as the Head strength and conditioning coach for the Australian Beach Handball team, Sydney Uni and the NSW Women’s State of Origin team. Nicolai is a ASCA Level 2, Pro-Scheme Elite coach, and holds a Masters in Strength and Conditioning with over a decade of coaching experience.

In this episode Nicolai discusses:

  • Her entry into swimming due to severe asthma and her first experience of S&C.
  • Exposure to different activities and coaching men’s gymnastics.
  • How this skillset has helped her coaching with different sports from Rugby to High Jump.
  • Some useful starting points for those wanting to integrate gymnastic activities.
  • Red Flags to look out for with athletes.
  • A unique case study using gymnastics with Tokyo Silver Medallist in High Jump, Nicola McDermott.

You can listen to the episode in full here.

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