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Elisabeth Oehler (EO Performance): Coaching the sport of weightlifting to children.

Elisabeth Oehler is a strength coach who worked for the German Weightlifting Federation from 2017-2020 as manager of the youth department and later Head of Talent Identification. She’s a licensed weightlifting coach (high performance) by the German Olympic Sports Confederation and holds several qualifications in youth development and strength & conditioning. In 2021 she started her own business consulting and coaching in National Governing Bodies of different sports. She helps organizations implementing talent development programs and improving coaching education. 

In this episode Elisabeth discusses:

  • The differences in the German Sport System vs other countries.
  • How not every child is drawn to participating in Team Sports.
  • How she structures youth weightlifting sessions, incorporating other sporting activities.
  • Giving children a voice in designing the program.
  • Her colour coded system for encouraging children to master technique rather than intensity.

You can listen to the episode in full here.

You can follow Elisabeth’s work via her Instagram account: @eo.performance , Twitter @eo_performance and her website: www.eo-performance.com .

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