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Aimee O’Keeffe (Manchester United Women): Why fuelling properly matters for health and performance in the female footballer.

Aimee Ellen O’Keeffe is a Performance Nutritionist at Manchester United Women’s team and owner of Committed Nutrition Ltd, her own private nutrition coaching company. Aimee is passionate about the female athlete, particularly breaking down barriers to fuelling and changing attitudes towards carbohydrates. Aimee has carried out a lot of research since starting in her role at Manchester United, analysing areas such as MD-1 carbohydrate intake, injury nutrition, half time carbohydrate intake to name a few.

In this episode Aimee discusses:

  • How working with a young female footballer with a stress fracture lead to her doing a Masters in Nutrition.
  • Relative Energy Deficit Syndrome or “REDS”.
  • How underfuelling nutritionally can result in compromised bone health and stress fractures.
  • What a day in the life of a full-time nutritionist in a pro football club looks like.
  • The difference between disorder eating and an eating disorder.
  • How nutrition can affect the menstrual cycle and why this matters.
  • How social media can influence young female athletes to underfuel.

You can listen to the episode in full here.

You can keep up to date with Aimee’s work via Instagram: @committednutrition2020 and Twitter: @Aimeellen1 .

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