Ask the Expert – Digby Webb (Kingswood School)

Digby is the Athletic Development Coach at Kingswood School, as well as being a qualified science and maths teacher…


digby 2

Give us a bit of background on yourself… (sporting career, qualifications, coaching experience)

I am currently a Science & Maths teacher at Kingswood Senior School in Bath. I moved to Bath from Cape Town, South Africa, last August. I studied at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and played rugby for the UCT 1st XV “Ikey Tigers” for 4 years, as well as representing Western Province Rugby against the Kenyan & Namibian national teams. I hold a BSc, BEd (Hons) and PGCE from UCT, and have recently gained a strength & conditioning certification through the International Sports Science Association.
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Sleep and the Youth Athlete (Video)

After the success and positive feedback of the last animated video on Relative Age Effect in Youth Sport, I decided to continue with a series on “The Youth Athlete”.

This series will focus on a number of issues that coaches often encounter when working with young athletes. These videos will focus primarily on educating coaches, parents and athletes on the topic, potential issues that may arise and how to best overcome these barriers.

The first in the series is “Sleep and the Youth Athlete”… For more great content, like us on Facebook.

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Ask the Expert – Dr Emma Kavanagh (Bournemouth University)

Dr Kavanagh is a lecturer and researcher at Bournemouth University, as well as chartered sport scientist specializing in performance psychology…

1. Give us a bit of background on yourself… (sporting career, qualifications, coaching experience)

I played hockey to an international level but that was a long time ago now – that experience led me to coaching and my love of psychology. My degree was sport science and my Masters in Sport Psychology, I also have a PhD and am a chartered sport scientist specializing in performance psychology.
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Relative Age Effect in Youth Sport (Video)

An animated video for coaches and parents, describing Relative Age Effect in Youth Sports…

I decided take the time to produce a short, animated video aimed at technical coaches and parents, in order to highlight the phenomenon of Relative Age Effect.

If this format proves to be helpful, useful or popular then I will continue to use it to highlight other areas of concern in youth athletic development!

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Ask the Expert – Andrew Pichardo (St John’s College)

Originally hailing from the USA, Andrew Pichardo is currently the Director of Athletic Development at St John’s College in Hamilton, New Zealand, as well as a PhD candidate in Youth Athlete Development.

Thanks for your time today Andrew, would you mind giving us a bit of background about yourself?

I grew up in Ft. Worth, Texas. I played football, baseball, basketball, ran track, and got into powerlifting in high school. I qualified for regionals in powerlifting my senior year in the 90 kg class. After high school, I went to Midwestern State for my BS in Exercise Physiology and minor in psychology. I did a few bodybuilding shows then got back into raw powerlifting through some fellow lifters at MSU. I did an S&C internship with our football team in spring of 2012 before graduating in December. I interned with the University of Florida S&C program from January until July 2013 before starting my MS in Exercise Science at Appalachian State. I ran the men’s and women’s golf S&C my first year before interning with the Milwaukee Brewers during the summer of 2014. When I returned to App for my second year, I volunteered with a local high school’s S&C program and taught undergraduate biomechanics labs.
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7 Lessons from the world’s best coaches (Coaching series part 4)

What I learnt from 4 of the best coaches in the world…

Recently I had a great opportunity to be in the audience for a panel of some of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world. When I say the best, I mean these guys have it all: PhDs, top level experience in professional sport with international athletes, national championships, plenty of published research and they are widely regarded as the “go to” guy in their specialism. For people who are involved in strength and conditioning, each one of these guys is a household name. To say this experience was a privilege was an understatement.

After reflecting on this experience I realised there were some key lessons I learnt.
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Book review – Athletic Body in Balance

Each month I review a book that I think will be helpful for those working with youth athletes.

This month I decided to revert back to a book on physical development. I selected a very popular book from a few years back…


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