3 questions every coach must ask (Coaching series part 2)

What to ask yourself to continually develop as a youth sports coach.


I remember during my university days, I took a module in coaching science called “Coaching Process”. We were prompted/forced to become “reflective practitioners”…. I hated it. Having to constantly write about how things did or didn’t work, who it affected, how it could have gone better blah, blah, blah. It was boring, required lots of time and I didn’t see the point of it.
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Schizophrenic coaching (Coaching series part 1)

What type of coach are you? The multiple personality disorder that is coaching…

It’s that time of year for many of us. Beginning to start the preseason again. Maybe you have a new group of athletes, or maybe just a few newbies, or maybe it’s a group you’ve been coaching for years.

Coaching youth sport can be a tough old game. Often this joy falls to the parent willing to step into the gap at the local sports club, most of the time this role is entirely voluntary with no recompense other than the satisfaction of enriching the life of the youth athletes in your care. If you’re lucky you may be getting some expenses or small income for your time. If you’ve really earned your stripes, this might even be a part-time or even full-time role for you!
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Why a “No Days Off” mentality suck for parents (Part 3)

Why parents need an off season too…

In part 3 of this series on Why a “No Days Off” mentality sucks, we are looking at the effect this attitude can have on parents…
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Why a “No Days Off” mentality sucks for coaches (Part 2)

Why coaches need to maintain a good work/rest balance for their athletes and themselves!

So in Part 1 we examined the reasons why a “No days off” mentality is counterproductive for athletes in terms of how it adversevly affects them physiologically…

But what about Coaches? How does having a “No days off” mentality affect them.

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Why a “No Days Off” mentality sucks for athletes (Part 1)

Please stop with the”NO DAYS OFF” YouTube videos…

I don’t know about you but it really gets under my skin when I see people sharing youtube videos of kids training with the headline “NO DAYS OFF”. This usually accompanies a video of a youth athlete doing some high intensity activity such as sprints, plyometrics or resistance training. This is a ridiculous mentality and it’s propagated by early specialisation, over-enthusiasm, naivety and lack of understanding of the human body. It’s counterproductive for athletes, parents and coaches.
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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Book Review

This month’s book is an international best seller…

For May’s book I used a slightly different format. I came across Audible when Ron McKeefrey was giving away his book CEO Strength Coach for free.
You may remember in my previous post on 10 ways to improve as a coach that I quite like using a podcast as part of my commute to maximize time and invest in my development. Well another one I could add to that category is Audible – really useful way to utilize audio books…

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“Squats hurt your knees” – myths every sport parent needs to know

What not to say to a youth athlete about squatting and deadlifting…

A few years ago I was working in the strength and conditioning department of a secondary school.  We had a very strong male/female volleyball (Indoor and Beach) program which included many youth international players. As such, many of these players would go away with the national squads for training camps and competitions.

In one specific instance, we had a 14/15 year old female athlete come back from a national squad training camp to inform us that her coach had told her she “shouldn’t be doing squats, as they are bad for the knees…”
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