Why youth strength and conditioning is a failure… (Part 1)

What’s Ghandi got to do with S&C?


This post is an adaptation of a presentation that I had planned to give at a conference some time back. Unfortunately I had to withdraw and it’s never seen the light of day since, so I decided to reincarnate it as a blog post!

If strength and conditioning coaches are to be judged on results – the number of players progressing to elite/professional/senior status, then the profession and we as coaches are colossal failures.
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5 ways to implement Sports Science for free!

Not all Sports Science costs millions of pounds…

The use of Sport Science and in particular, monitoring is very in vogue these days. We see sports using many expensive methods to regulate what state athletes are in, to help ward of injury, illness and under performance. But can grassroots coaches afford to use Sports Science? Yes they can and here is how…
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Meadowmill Workshop

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the “Strength and Conditioning for Youth Athletes” Workshop, delivered at Meadowmill Sports Centre November 15th, or participated in the Facebook Live Feed of the event!

Powerpoint slides for the workshop are provided in link below:


To view the Facebook Live video feed of the event click below:

Facebook Live Feed

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5 ways to build your S&C facility on a budget

Think outside the box and plan what you want, why you want to want it and how many exercises you can use it for.

Most of the time when we work in Youth Sports Coaching, we are faced by many barriers and limitations such as limited contact time, shared facilities, over-stretched volunteers and countless other challenges.

In particular in youth strength and conditioning, one such challenge is financial resources available to purchase equipment. Whilst, simply using bodyweight exercises can be valuable in the beginner or novice stages of physical development, at some stage we are going to require some extra kit to help create an “overload” stimulus to improve physical qualities.

So, just how can you overcome these challenges? In essence, how can you create an armoury of S&C kit on little to no budget?
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November workshop in East Lothian!

We are very pleased to announce that we have been asked to present our “Strength and Conditioning for Youth Athletes” workshop on behalf of East Lothian Council.

The workshop will run from 6.30-8.30pm on Wednesday November 15th, at Meadowmill Sports Centre, Tranent,

This two hour interactive workshop is open to coaches who are interested in learning more about strength and conditioning for youth athletes. The session will involve theory based and practical content which can be applied across all sports.

What will be covered?

  • Why youth athletes aren’t mini-adults
  • The unique challenges facing youth athletes and their coaches
  • Myths and fallacies of training for youth athletes
  • How to integrate strength and conditioning into technical training
  • Practical session and Q&A

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The Energy Bus – October Book Review

This has a similar them to my previous blog post regarding why interpersonal relationships are so crucial to the success or failure of coaching and the concept of athletes being “people first, athletes second.”

This month’s book review was a great read and very applicable to those working with young athletes!

Related image

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When was the last time you changed your mind?

Is changing your mind a negative thing?

When was the last time you changed your mind?

I’m not talking about what you wanted for breakfast, or what TV show you wanted to watch. I mean when was the last time you changed your perspective on a topic?
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