Movement Fundamentals 1-4 Bundle

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Do your youth athletes have poor athletic ability? Are you short of time or resources to focus on athletic development?

Sports coaches and PE Teachers can use the Fundamentals 1-4 Program Bundle in their current training sessions to increase athletic ability in their youth athletes. These programs  help will improve mobility, strength, power and general athletic development.

No extra equipment needed other than a broomstick or PVC pipe which is easily affordablce from your local hardware store! Just read the manual, watch the videos, learn the coaching points and add it to your sessions!


The Movement Fundamentals 1-4 Program Bundle includes all 4 Fundamentals program of 6 weeks strength and conditioning training each.  Coaches and Athletes can include it into sport practice sessions  or stand alone sessions with youth athletes to improve athletic development.

Each 6 week program includes:
– Individual plans for each session
– 2 options for session delivery
– 9 exercise progressions from Fundamentals 1-3 programs
– Video links to exercise progressions
– Key coaching points for every exercise
– Compatibility with Computers, Tablets and Phone formats
– Easy to use on the training pitch/court


7 thoughts on “Movement Fundamentals 1-4 Bundle

  1. The combination of well informed content and the ease with which to include this programme in with normal training for athletes in any sport at the price it is is absolutely brilliant. I’ve been following Robs work for a while now and am always impressed with how he communicates sometimes complicated information in a straight forward way.

    I highly recommend this programme for all grass roots coaches/parents with athletes.

  2. Hi would highly recommend working with, alongside or gaining Robs help with the athletic development of your team or child.

    He has worked with my son in the past and I’m happy that he will be using athletic evolutions fundamentals 1/2 programmes.

    It’s a great programme for all and has had a great impact on my sons athletic development. It’s easy to follow, has great coaching points and the tutorials for all the exercises are excellent.

  3. As a Programme its simple and straight forward to follow, making it easy for both coach and student. Coaching points are clearly aimed at the youth athlete-best example the in place lunge “Use train tracks for your feet, Right foot on one track, left foot on the other – Don’t walk a tight rope”-What 10-15 year old would not get that instruction-in fact the exercise sounds fun!!

    The videos are brilliant, combined with the coaching points they give a clear understanding to the coach as to what way the exercise is to be performed T

    The way the programme can be used as either two separate warm ups OR an all in one programme.

    Summary-its worth the money

  4. Excellent resource! Easy layout for students and coaches to use. I’ve been using it with an S3 group of students during their fitness block and the boys have loved the challenge and variation in the moves. I’ve also seen a big improvement in some of the movements they’ve been using.

    Amazing value for money and simple to explain and use!

  5. These fundamental movement resources are a must-have for new and experienced coaches of any sport. They’re super easy to follow and to apply to any session in a gym or on the field. You don’t need to be experienced in strength and conditioning to understand it and for the cost, it’s a no brainer really!

  6. Great resource for Youth Coaches, PE Teachers & Parents of youth athletes.

    This program will help increase mobility, coordination, strength & develop overall athleticism. It is easy to follow & comes with exercise videos & simple coaching cues to increase the effectiveness of each exercise. Plus it can be used anywhere with no equipment at the gym or training pitch.

    Highly recommend great value!

  7. I would highly recommend this excellent resource for any P.E. teacher, coach or parent of active children. I am all three.
    The programme itself is clearly set out and easy to follow. The instructional videos are an added bonus. The various angles allow the performer to see the correct technique and recognise key teaching points for each exercise. As they say “A picture paints a thousand words”.
    I am currently using this resource in two ways at school. Firstly, some classes have begun working through the programme as prescribed weekly to improve mobility, coordination and strength in fitness classes, while I am beginning to integrate some of the movements into warm ups across many of the activities we teach in the P.E. curriculum.
    As a parent , I am able to reinforce the work that my son is doing in S&C sessions.
    Without hesitation I have already purchased Fundamentals Program 2,3 and 4.

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