Speed & Power Basics 1


Are you an athlete, youth sports coach or PE Teacher who wants to improve Speed and Power?

The Speed and Power Basics 1 program can be used in your  current training sessions to increase athletic ability in youth athletes. This program will improve:

  1. Acceleration technique
  2. Coordination
  3. Lower body strength
  4. Speed
  5. Power
  6. General athletic development

No extra equipment needed! Just read the manual, watch the videos, learn the coaching points and add it to your sessions!


The Speed and Power Basics 1 Program is a 6 week of strength and conditioning program designed to teach young athletes the basics of speed and power training. Athletes, Youth Sport Coaches and PE Teachers can use it to improve their athletes’ ability to produce speed and power.

Each program includes:

  • Individual session plans for each session
  • 2 options for session delivery
  • Exercises focussed on sprint technique, plyometric power and lower body strength
  • Video links to exercise progressions
  • Key coaching points for every exercise
  • Compatibility with Computers, Tablets and Phone formats
  • Easy to use on the training pitch/court

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