Coaching Services

We are pleased to offer a variety of coaching services:

Initial 6 Week Online package: £100.00/athlete

            • Athlete Questionnaire
            • Online video movement assessment
            • Online conditioning assessment
            • Written report
            • 6 week mobility, strength, speed and conditioning program
            • Weekly updates and feedback via email/Whatsapp/Hudl application

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Monthly Online Training Plan: £60.00/month

            • After completing the Introductory package, you are eligible to sign up
            • Monthly mobility, strength, speed and conditioning plan
            • Weekly updates and feedback via email/Whatsapp/Hudl application

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Biological Maturation Monitoring: £50.00 per athlete

          • Anthropometrical Assessment
          • Prediction of age of Peak Height Velocity
          • Calculation of Maturation Offset
          • Written report

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Please contact us for more details via email:

“If you want to go somewhere that gets you in shape, keeps you fit and strong but also gives you vital knowledge about your bodily mechanics and how to keep everything feeling great as well as strong then this is place to go! Great trainer who took me from never having been to the gym, recreational volleyball player and made me in to an international athlete that competes at the highest level! This is where champions are made!”

– Issa Batrane (England Beach Volleyball)

“Before having Rob has my S&C coach I had no motivation to lift weights, mainly because I struggled to lift weights and I knew little about S&C. It wasn’t long before I starting looking forward S&C, I’d have Rob pushing me every session and be learning something new too. Over the two years with Rob, I don’t think I’d have made it as far in my sport.
I remember sustaining a shoulder injury a month before an international competition, wasn’t allowed to play for 2 weeks but Rob worked so hard with me almost everyday that I managed to recover and have one of my best performances yet. Thanks Rob, really owe you one!”

– Nathan Fullerton (England Junior Volleyball)