Rob has over 15 years of coaching experience across a variety of roles from Casual Sports Coach to Regional Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach for Scottish Rugby, and everything in between. He has also been a UKSCA Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach since 2010. As such, Rob has a wealth of experience in how to create a successful career development plan to help you achieve your career goals.

Here are some of the examples of Coach Mentoring services available:

  • 360 Analysis on Academic, Technical, Coaching, Experience and Employability
  • Personalised Career Development Plan
  • Guidance on writing an effective CV and Cover letter
  • Job Application and Interview Preparation
  • UKSCA Accreditation Preparation
  • Guidance on building your personal brand


Coach Mentoring is available at £100/month per individual, with a maximum limit of 5 coaches at any time.


Whether it is navigating the journey from undergraduate student to first professional role, building your personal brand, curating a winning CV, or successfully completing the UKSCA Accreditation, Rob is able to help you avoid many of the pitfalls and mistakes made by many coaches, as well as guide you on how to develop your knowledge and skillset to enhance your employability.


“Rob has played a huge part of my personal and professional development since starting full time as a junior coach under his lead in Scottish Rugby. Rob has the ability to identify areas of need on an individual level whether it is; application and understanding of S&C, coaching ability, networking, communication or personal development outside of coaching. Over the last 7 months of working with Rob, I have become a lot more confident in coaching ability and coaching at various levels and my ability to communicate effectively with both athletes and peers. Using Rob’s guidance I have also starting expanding my network and gained the confidence to step out of my comfort zone to start my own personal S&C business.”
Andy Murphy
Junior Academy S&C Coach at Scottish Rugby/Owner of Breakout Performance
“Rob has been an excellent mentor in the past year for me. Instilling confidence and showing a genuine passion for wanting me to succeed. His knowledge, foundations and thirst for constant development have taught me to always challenge my own ways of thinking so that I don’t become complacent in my own development. Rob encouraged me to share and communicate my thoughts and feelings about subjects and never put himself above me and always made time to talk no matter how busy he was- Rob is a great leader and one of the good guys in this industry”
Jake Peake
Move4Sport S&C Coach
“Rob has been a great mentor and boss to me over the last year working at Scottish Rugby. He has been one of the best mentors I’ve ever had helping to develop me as a coach, a person, my other interests and personal endeavours. Rob is genuinely interested in making us better and helping us to be the best we can be. Robs passion for strength and conditioning is massive and even a brief conversation with him sparks a huge spike in motivation and hunger to work hard to achieve your goals. Rob is an expert in youth strength and conditioning and also people. He is a great leader and having him as a mentor has accelerated my goals and achievements to date. I couldn’t recommend Rob highly enough!”
Scott Teister
Co-Founder of Athlete Performance Hub/ Scottish Rugby Contractor
“Rob’s passion for long term athletic development and developing young coaches is second to none and he truly is one of the coaches out there who can talk the talk but has certainly walked the walk. With a in-depth knowledge of the field he is able to digest that knowledge for you into bite size chunks that are easy to understand and more importantly apply. There are few coaches I would go to for advice about coaching or how to further my development over Rob. He is a genuinely all-round good bloke with a welcoming and positive attitude. While he is effective at giving advice, this come from his exceptional ability to listen to others and learn about their particular situation and goals. In the time I have worked with Rob, I almost feel I don’t work for Scottish Rugby and that I work for him as he frequently communicates with me, drives standards and most importantly gets to know you and build a strong relationship.“
Lorne Christie
Co-Founder Athlete Development Hub/Scottish Rugby Contractor
“I first met Rob during my MSc when he became one of my project supervisors for Scottish Rugby. Since then I have been able to rely on Rob for advice and feedback on several aspects of my coaching career. Whether it be guidance on programming for the athletes I work with or highlighting various CPD opportunities to improve my CV, Rob has been a massive help during my career so far. I definitely wouldn’t be as a good a coach as I am now without his help.”
Lucie Milne
Dollar Academy S&C Coach, Stirling Country FC