The secret ingredient to athletic development…

Recently I’ve had a bit of a realisation. I’ve noticed in the athletes I’ve coached directly, or witnessed who have progressed on to higher levels in their sport…that they seem to share the same trait.
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Scottish Volleyball Stronger Clubs Conference – Workshop Slides

Here are the slides from the workshop delivered on behalf of Scottish Volleyball at their Stronger Club Conference on Saturday 6th January 2018.

Download by clicking the link below:

Stronger Clubs Conference 2018

The horror show

When I watched the footage back it wasn’t pretty…

As part of some formal CPD through my workplace, I was tasked with recording a coaching session and reflecting on it… it was horrendous.
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Why youth strength and conditioning is a failure… (Part 2)

So, just how can we structure can we give to this sort of process?

In Part 1 of this blog post, we examined why a closer examination of strength and conditioning for youth athletes might be deemed a failure due to the very low attainment rate of athletes achieving elite status.

We then examined how a wider holistic “Human first, athlete second” approach which includes a focus on academic progress, career path and personal development might lead to us redefining ourselves as being in the “Human potential business”. This may lead to our influence outlasting any coaching relationship or sporting career.
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Why youth strength and conditioning is a failure… (Part 1)

What’s Ghandi got to do with S&C?

This post is an adaptation of a presentation that I had planned to give at a conference some time back. Unfortunately I had to withdraw and it’s never seen the light of day since, so I decided to reincarnate it as a blog post!

If strength and conditioning coaches are to be judged on results – the number of players progressing to elite/professional/senior status, then the profession and we as coaches are colossal failures.
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5 ways to implement Sports Science for free!

Not all Sports Science costs millions of pounds…

The use of Sport Science and in particular, monitoring is very in vogue these days. We see sports using many expensive methods to regulate what state athletes are in, to help ward of injury, illness and under performance. But can grassroots coaches afford to use Sports Science? Yes they can and here is how…
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Meadowmill Workshop

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the “Strength and Conditioning for Youth Athletes” Workshop, delivered at Meadowmill Sports Centre November 15th, or participated in the Facebook Live Feed of the event!

Powerpoint slides for the workshop are provided in link below:


To view the Facebook Live video feed of the event click below:

Facebook Live Feed

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