Interview on the Jersey Sport Foundation Podcast

This week I was interviewed for the Jersey Sport Foundation Podcast. You can listen to the interview in full here; Jersey Sport Foundation Podcast
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What to do when loading goes too far: regaining control in the weight room…

Many coaches ramp up loading too quickly, simply because they can!

Sometimes in S&C programs it’s useful and applicable to have mechanisms built in to your programming to ensure athletes are progressing at an appropriate rate. By doing so you are providing a safe training environment and ensuring that athletes are not increasing loading over-aggressively, or setting themselves up for failure, or worse – injury!
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5 ways grassroots coaching made me better…

Use your community coaching experience as a springboard to improve as a coach!

Very often when people catch the S&C bug, it’s because they see the glamour of elite sport. The glamour of the Premier League, Rugby World Cup or the 100m final in the Olympic Games. However, the majority of coaches operate at the grassroots, community club level of sport. While you may wish to progress to coaching at the highest level, coaching at grassroots level of sport offers valuable opportunities to improve as a coach…
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A second sport? The case for S&C

At the development end of the sporting spectrum, strength and conditioning should comprise of exposing the athlete to a wide range of movements…

It’s pretty widely agreed that multiple sport participation is beneficial for children. Whether you term it “sampling” or “multi-sport athlete”, doesn’t really matter. Most discussions on the optimal development of athletes cite the benefits of multi-sport participation for reducing injury risk, improving hand eye coordination, increasing decision making development, improving physical capacities and the list goes on.

The problem is – if you do any coaching in sport, you’re probably aware that what is “recommended” isn’t what happens in the real world…
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Becoming a beginner …

What aspects of your athletes’ training are you so distant from that you may have forgotten, not be empathetic with, or understand?

I recently decided to become a beginner again. I found the whole process daunting, intimidating but exciting! But here’s why I think it was beneficial overall!
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Conscious Coaching – Book Review

I found this really interesting and as I was reading each archetype, it was opening my eyes to the athletes I coach…


Image result for conscious coaching

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S&C for Team Sports UKSCA Workshop Review

On June 27th, I made the 4.5 hour drive from Edinburgh to Leeds to attend the “S&C for Team Sports” workshop run by the UKSCA at Leeds Beckett University. Overall it was both informative and beneficial.
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