Do your coaches need to better understand the process of Long Term Athletic Development and the role Growth & Maturation play in youth athletes?

We regularly provide Coach Education workshops on Long Term Athletic Development including both theoretical and practical concepts. Please contact us to discuss your organisation's specific requirements.

Previous clientele include:

United Kingdom Strength & Conditioning
Association (UKSCA)
National Youth Football Association Sweden (NYFA)
Scottish Rugby Union (SRU)
Scottish Volleyball
Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS)
Jersey Sport Foundation (JSF)
East Lothian Council Sport Development
Edinburgh Community Sports Hub
Perthshire Rugby Football Club
Indigo Fitness
Perform Better
Raise the Bar

“Rob has helped me with the challenge of adding on muscle mass and my reaching my goal of 100kg bodyweight. He is always pushing me to get more and more weight on my lifts. He is always open and there for a chat on any issues or guidance, or just a friendly chat. But then makes sure you are being a top class performance athlete when it comes to training.”

Ross McKnight

Rob coached me as part of the borders academy programme. He has a real sense of pride in his work and will always go the extra mile to make sure you get what you need and want. Most coaches have the tools to resolve most situations but when I started having issues with my menstrual cycle, due to Rob’s approachable character, I was able to seek help and get to the bottom of the problem. He supported me with nutrition advice, an eye on ways to adapt training and had a really caring approach to get me to into the best and healthiest place possible. Not only an exceptional coach in the gym and on the pitch he is also a fantastic part of my support network off the pitch who I have continued to seek advice from.”

Lana Skeldon

“It was an absolute pleasure to work along side Rob, he was good fun but yet a great leader, motivator, he worked hard and got things done. Also as an International level athlete I learnt alot from Rob, the way that he coaches, methods of training the content that he coached I still use in my training today! Would highly recommend!

Jess Grimson

“Rob is exactly the trainer you would want, he consistently went the extra mile to provide and research strategies in goal setting, nutrition, hydration, stretching, pre race exercises both mentally and physically and improved swim down protocols. Poole swimming club has produced multi national medalists in the past few seasons. Although it was a great loss when Rob progressed onwards and out of the area, much of the clubs continued conditioning work stems from the philosophies and research learned from Rob.”

Barry Alldrick

“Hugely impressed with the work Rob has done at Haddington rugby club. From the strategy of how to shape an overall programme for different age groups to hands on delivery, been great.”

Donald Snodgrass