The Athlete Academy provides BAUSport™ Skeletal Age Scans for the FIRST time in the UK!

BAUSport™ is the first and only ultrasound device for assessing skeletal age, biological maturation state, injury prevention and prediction of final adult height in Youth Athletes. BAUSport™ is being utilized in the Sports Science and Medical departments of some of the best youth academies around the world to accurately assess young athletes For the very first time in the UK, The Athlete Academy is very excited to provide assessments using this cutting edge ultrasound technology developed by SonicBone Medical.  Further information on the BAUSport™ device can be found here: .

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The information BAUSport™ provides is impacting the design, implementation and evaluation of training programs for young athletes:

– Skeletal Age

– Predicted Adult Height

– Current % of Predicted Adult Height attained

– Maturation State (Pre, Circa or Post Peak Height Velocity)

– Maturation Category (Early, On Time, Late Maturer)

– Growth Spurt Red Flag

A full PDF report detailing each of the above data is provided after each Skeletal Age Assessment.

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