Dr Joe Eisenmann: No laps, No lines, No lectures

Dr. Joe Eisenmann is a scholar-practitioner with 25 years of experience as a professor, researcher, sport scientist, coach educator, strength & conditioning coach, and youth sports coach. Currently, he is a consultant and serves as the Head of Sport Science for Volt Athletics, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association along with being a visiting professor at Leeds Beckett University Carnegie School of Sport.

In this episode Joe discusses:

  • His early coaching and research influences
  • The misconception of Long term athletic development as modern invention
  • Previous examples of LTAD models
  • The state of LTAD in the modern world

You can listen to the episode in full here.

You can find the ICoachKids resource mentioned here and the Proformance Child to Champion USA event here. You can keep up to date with Joe’s work via his twitter account @Joe_Eisenmann

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