Review – Jersey Sport Foundation Conference

I hugely enjoyed my time on the Island and would recommend it to anyone considering attending the conference in the future.


I’ve just returned from presenting at the Jersey Sport Foundation Conference and have to say I had a fantastic time.
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A 4 stage model to athletic development

I’ve recently been re-thinking about how I teach and progress novice trainers to advanced training status and it has lead to some revised thoughts on what principles and methods might be best to use in this process. The result is this 4 stage model.
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Triphasic Training – April Book Review

I’ve heard lots of positive things about Triphasic Training, so I decided to get stuck in myself!

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Athletic Evolution Conference Review – Andy Bruce (Guest Post)

While I have a moment on the plane home, I just wanted to put together a few thoughts on the Athletic Evolution Conference I attended this weekend. Now I go to quite a lot of CPD events, not actually for the ‘points’, but because I get intrinsic enjoyment out of the process of learning. So when the opportunity to learn about something I’m particularly interested in comes up, its a win-win. With youth athletic development events being reasonably few and far between, when I saw that this conference was arranged, I was booked up and ready to go almost straight away.
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So you want to be a Youth S&C coach? The 6 most important things you need to do…(Part 2)

In the first part of this series, we discussed all the various tasks and roles you may be asked to do as an S&C coach! If those tasks haven’t put you off, in this post we’ll discuss exactly what you should do, how you should do it and why, in order to stand the best chance of landing a fulltime role in S&C.
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So you want to be a Youth S&C Coach? What are you signing up for? (Part 1)

Ultimately, you can’t always choose what role you’re given in the team…

Being a Strength and Conditioning Coach is very “in vogue” right now. More and more universities are providing degree programs in strength and conditioning science. Even more have degrees in the wider topic of sport science. So just what are you really signing yourself up for? If you really are determined to pursue a path in S&C, how do you do it?
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“If you can’t fly then run…” Training around injuries

Unfortunately, injuries are part and parcel of participating in youth sport. Yes, we can reduce the likelihood of them occurring with a  good warm up, sound movement mechanics, tolerable work loads and appropriate strength and conditioning programs, BUT we can never really eliminate them. Sometimes, despite all our hardest efforts, a late tackle or poor decision can mean time out of the sport of choice… So, obviously that means our youth athletes must rest completely on the sidelines until their injury heals, right? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
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