Upcoming Workshops!

Athletic Evolution is pleased to announce two exciting workshops taking place in Edinburgh in November!

The “Animal Flow workshop for Sport Coaches” is running on Wednesday November 28th from 7pm – 9pm at Meggetland Sport Complex, with only 35 spaces available. Workshop instructor Matt Whale has previously delivered Animal Flow to both players and staff at the Edinburgh and Glasgow branches of the Scottish Rugby Academy. Here’s a short video preview of some of the content…

Here’s how Steve Curnyn (Hibernian FC Academy) describes using Animal Flow with his players, “Within the Hibernian Academy, I introduce it from the U12s, as a fun way of training overall body strength and mobility. Animal flow is a great method of training for mobility in youth sports. It provides a fun platform for youths to work and explore many different planes of motion. As the players progress through the academy, I start using animal flow as an activation session on certain days before training. I find there is a great deal of buy in with older players, as it’s a fresh, new form of training which is different from what they are used to.”

Bookings are now being taken here.

The second workshop we have organised is aimed at those running their own coaching business. “How to build a brilliant coaching and PT business” by Strength and Success, will take place on Sunday November 4th from 9-5pm at Cavefit Edinburgh.  I think this will be of great value to anyone running their own coaching business – whether it is in fitness coaching or sports coaching! Personally, I’ve been wanting to dig into this course myself recently and therefore decided to bring Brendan Chaplin to Scotland to deliver it direct to the coaching community.
Here’s a great video testimonial from a good coach and personal friend Russell Jolly of Team CC in Bournemouth.

Bookings are now being taken here.