Jamie Salter (York St John University & Athlete Discovery): Is there a relationship between growth-related injury and training load?

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Jamie Salter has worked in professional football and rugby league with both youth and adult athletes in a physical preparation role at Barnsley FC, Middlesbrough FC and York Knights RLFC whilst working with various athletes on an ad-hoc basis for many years. Alongside applied experience, he has spent most of my career in education as a lecturer […]

Helen Collins (University of Dundee): The benefits of resistance training for children.

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Helen Collins is a Sport & Exercise Scientist at the Institute of Sport and Exercise, University of Dundee.  She is currently undertaking a PhD through the University of Edinburgh, investigating resistance training as a strategy to encourage less active and/or overweight children to become more active and healthier.  During her 17 years at the University […]

Dr Craig Harrison (Athlete Development Project): Get some variability!

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Dr Craig Harrison loves to show young people how to tap into their inner drive, take control of their learning & pursue their dreams with purpose & passion. An expert in youth athlete development, Craig specialises in the physical and mental sides of sport. He is a coach, a researcher, host of the popular podcast […]

Harry Weatherstone (Youth Athletic Development Academy): Nail the basics and earn the right.

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Harry Weatherstone is the owner of the Youth Athletic Development Academy, on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. In this podcast, Harry discusses:  His background as a tennis athlete and coach.  How he transitioned into athletic development.  The value of working independently in your own coaching business.  The importance of keeping it simple in both communication and programming.  […]

It's not you, it's Gordon Ramsay…

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Imagine you are dining in a nice Michelin Star restaurant. You enjoy a delicious starter, followed by a great main course and a decadent dessert. You have had a fantastic experience and your tastebuds have been sent into overdrive. It’s a brilliant experience and you’ve thoroughly enjoyed yourself. You thank the chef and the service […]