Dan Lonsdale: What can gymnastics and S&C learn from each other?

Dan Lonsdale is an S&C coach from the UK with 9 years’ experience working at university level preparing some of the country’s top student performance sport athletes. In 2018 Dan Lonsdale Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning was founded with the vision of creating an encouraging environment in which young gymnasts can thrive in, whilst applying the latest research in the simplest manner in order to enhance performance and protect them from injury. Since then, Dan is now the go to S&C consultant for gymnastics clubs across the UK.

In this episode Dan discusses:

  • How a rugby lad ended up working in gymnastics.
  • His concept of “layering” for differentiation in sessions.
  • Why this can take years to accumulate the experience to know what progressions/regressions work best.
  • The difference between working in a traditional environment like gymnastics vs teamsports.
  • The importance of proper landing mechanics in gymnastics.
  • What S&C could bring to Gymnastics.
  • What gymnastics can bring to S&C programs of other sports.

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You can keep up to date with Dan via his website www.danlonsdale.com or via Instagram: @danlonsdalesc .

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