Josh Fletcher (The Practitioner Wellness Guy): Who’s looking after the coach’s wellbeing?

Josh Fletcher is ‘The Practitioner Wellness Guy’. He currently works for Hintsa with an F2 racing driver, previously EXOS with the Special Forces, Elite sport in India, English Institute of Sport and in Professional Rugby. Recently he has dedicated his core business “Career Blueprint” to supporting performance practitioners in taking control of their well-being. He believes that as coaches we are pretty poor at looking after ourselves, putting our time and energy into our athletes and other people, impacting our happiness, health and wealth. He believes it’s time for your personal well-being to stop being an afterthought because you are more than just a performance practitioner. 

In this episode Josh discusses:  

  • How he ended burning out as a coach.
  • How an unusual contract with Exos ended up leading to him living in France and working in F2.
  • How anyone in the S&C industry long term encounters burnout in some form.
  • Why we as coaches need to take control of our own happiness, health and wealth and not leave it to our employers.
  • Why/How he is curating conversations around practitioner wellness.
  • How you can get involved in the conversation. 

You can listen to the episode in full here.

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