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Trevor Ragan (The Learner Lab): Don’t train in the Zoo to compete in the Jungle.

Trevor Ragan is the founder of The Learner Lab – an educational website designed to unpack and share the science of learning and development. He spends his time with thought leaders and researchers from the worlds of psychology and developmental science, consumes their research, connects the dots, and shares it with anyone that will listen. He’s worked with professional, college, and olympic sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, prisons, and in hundreds of schools across the country. These workshops are designed to help people understand and apply important principles of development, in order to become better, more resilient learners.

In this episode Trevor discusses:

  • The pain of missing out on a basketball spot at Duke University fuelling hunger to learn about learning!
  • How research gets misinterpreted and misdirected in practice.
  • How we often practice in the zoo but compete in the jungle.
  • Why research is crystal clear that we can all improve.
  • What we can learn from stand up comedy.
  • Running small “experiments” in our practice and training of athletes.

You can keep up to date with Trevor’s work via www.learnerlab.com .

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