Dr Liz Durder-Myers (PE Scholar): Is it about us or about them?

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Dr Liz Durden-Myers is a physical education researcher and teacher educator with over 15 years’ experience within education across the primary, secondary and higher education sectors. She is currently a Senior Lecturer In Physical Education at the University of Gloucestershire & Bath Spa University, Managing Director & Co-Founder at PE Scholar & Scholary and Past […]

Sophie Pidcock (Brisbane Boys College): Helping teenage boys make better decisions.

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Sophie is the Director of Strength and Conditioning at Brisbane Boys’ College in Australia. She has spent many years working in the youth athletic development space and also has experience in a professional sporting capacity. Her current role at Brisbane Boys’ College sees her responsible for the implementation and continued improvement of sport specific S&C […]

David “Jacko” Jackson (Rooted Life): Breathing Basics.

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David Jackson is an Advanced Oxygen Advantage breathwork coach, a former professional rugby player, Accredited UKSCA Strength & Conditioning coach, NASM performance enhancement & corrective exercise specialist and co-founder of the School of Calisthenics that combines movement and breathwork to develop freedom in our bodies and minds. Having worked with professional & recreational athletes to enhance performance […]

Strength of Mind Podcast Interview

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My good friend Gavin Ellis recently asked me to be a guest on the Strength of Mind Podcast. “In this episode, Rob shares his experiences both personally and professionally. He provides heartfelt insight into the importance of mindset in dealing with bereavement and uses that as a catalyst to his success and impact on others. “ […]

Platform to Perform Podcast Interview

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I was recently fortunately to be interviewed by Todd Davidson for the “Platform to Perform” podcast. In episode 8 of the Platform to Perform Podcast, we discuss: mistakes I made when first starting my business what university isn’t teaching up and coming S&C coaches how prospective S&C coaches can better develop their employability skill set […]