Jan Willem Teunissen (HAN-University & Ghent University): How movement options create opportunities.

Jan Willem Teunissen has B. in PE and a MSc. in talent development & exercise physiology from VU University Amsterdam. In the past he worked for elite soccer club Ajax Amsterdam and implemented an all-round development program and maturity related individual training program within the youth academy. Furthermore, Jan Willem was head of the performance staff at elite soccer club FC Twente. Currently he is working at two educational institutes; HAN-University and Ghent University.

In this episode Jan Willem discusses:

  •  His own experience of burnout in Tennis and injury in the Marines.
  • His experiences at Ajax and FC Twente.
  • The tension between theoretical models and real world application.
  • His research on the unique profiles of different sports.
  • Applying alternative exercises to the profile of football.
  • How mastering a variety of skills leads to greater opportunities in competition.
  • Similarities and differences between different sports.
  • The implications for talent development and talent transfer.

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You can visit the video resource Jan Willem mentions here at www.sportsinspirator.com and follow his work via his Research Gate profile and his LinkedIn page.

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