Dan Jefferson (Sports Authority of India): Boxing from Bannockburn to Bangalore.

Dan Jefferson is currently working with the Sports Authority of India as the Head of Strength and Conditioning with the boxing federation, specifically supporting the Male and Female Olympic teams for Tokyo 2021. Prior to this Dan was the Senior Strength & Conditioning coach at the Inspire Institute of Sport (IIS), India, where he led the IIS Boxing programme. Prior to making the international move, Dan worked as a Strength & Conditioning Coach at the Sport Scotland Institute of Sport where he was the national lead for their boxing & badminton programmes, alongside multi-sport delivery in a variety of sports including golf, cricket, swimming, snowboarding & freestyle skiing. Dan is an accredited coach with the United Kingdom Strength & Conditioning Association (UKSCA) and a graduate of Sport & Exercise Science from Abertay University Dundee, Scotland. 

In this episode Dan discusses: 

  • How starting as a boxing coach helped him develop his coaching skills. 
  • The transferable lessons he learnt from working on a building site into a multidisciplinary support department. 
  • The culture shock he experienced moving from Scotland to India and his initial doubts. 
  • How coaching in a different language challenges your coaching skills. 
  • The importance and significance of trying to learn the language. 
  • The similarities and differences between coaching in India vs Scotland. 
  • Tokyo Olympics and beyond. 

Listen to the episode in full here.

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