Kay Kay Keung (Hong Kong Powerlifting): Optimising concurrent training in Powerlifting and Military Boot Camp

Kay Kay Keung has a Kinesiology background including coaching, fitness testing, clinical skills and research in the United States (North Carolina) and Hong Kong. She is experienced in coaching a wide range of clients from hospital outpatients to competitive athletes and is passionate about working with individuals and teams to become the fittest, strongest, fastest and healthiest version of themselves. Her training specialties include calisthenics, Olympic weightlifting, running, athletic performance and prehabilitation/rehabilitation. Her athletic career in both the United States and Hong Kong involved competing in long distance running and lacrosse. Highlights include national championships in both sports and representing Hong Kong on the national lacrosse team.

In this episode Kay Kay discusses a unique case study including:

  • A military boot camp combined with training for powerlifting.
  • How she structured pre planned training around the surprises and randomness of a military boot camp.
  • Training for the max strength demands of powerlifting combined with the endurance requirements at the end of the bootcamp.

You can listen to the episode in full here.

You can follow Kay Kay’s work via her Instagram: @strengthtosize .

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