The Athletic 8: The Inchworm

Introducing a new feature, “The Athletic 8”. In this 8 part series, we will be presenting a number of easy to implement exercises or drills, that require little to no equipment that youth sport coaches can utilise with their athletes to improve athletic development by developing mobility, strength and motor control.
These exercises will be largely bodyweight-based, meaning they are suitable for any age of athlete and can be implemented as part of a warm up to training sessions or competition. The exercises are not designed to be sport-specific, rather to introduce athletes to a wider variety of motor skills necessary for their holistic development.
The first installment of the “Athletic 8” is a mobility exercise known as “The Inchworm”. Please watch the video below to find out more! Please do comment to let us know how you fared implementing this with your athletes! To stay up to date with the Athletic 8 series, please like us on Facebook.

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