Athletic 8: Superman

The final exercise in the Athletic 8 series…

In our final installment of the Athletic 8, we focus on trunk stability and abdominal control with the “Superman” exercise.

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Athletic 8: Lateral Lunge

How do you introduce cutting and change of direction mechanics? Check out this simple exercise as a starting point…

In this video, we continue with the single leg work, this time looking at lateral movement, balance and stability.

Athletic 8: Forward Lunge

We introduce the first of our unilateral lower body exercises…

In this episode of the Athletic 8, we start to look at the importance of single leg exercise in developing proper balance, unilateral strength. Using a static forward lunge is a great way of teaching youth athletes the basic of lunging and proper knee positioning. Once this is mastered you can advance to dynamin, walking and weighted lunge patterns.

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Athletic 8: Counter Movement Jump

In this video we review how to coach one of the most dangerous movements in youth sport…

This installment focusses on one of the most injurious movements in sport – jumping. Poor landing mechanics are often the source of injuries in many youth athletes. In this video, learn what to look out for to correctly coach proper jumping and landing mechanics in youth athletes.

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Athletic 8: The Press Up

We introduce upper body training into the Athletic 8 series…

In this latest installment of the Athletic 8 series, we introduce upper body pushing to our youth athletes, along with some useful tips and cues for coaches to utilise!

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Athletic 8: Goblet Squat

In this installment, we introduce squatting to our young athletes!

Continuing with the Athletic 8 series, here is an exercise I use regularly with both junior and adult athletes to teach good squatting mechanics! It’s a really simple way to teach for technical coaches to teach proper foot, knee and torso position in squatting which can be built upon for proper jumping and landing too!

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The Athletic 8: Glute Bridge

The second part of our Athletic 8 series focusses on a great glute activation and core stability exercise…

The second installment of our “Athletic 8” series this week is the Glute Bridge, a great exercise to teach hip control and glute activation in young athletes.

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