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VJ Stanley (Balanced Excellence) Winning at all costs cheapens the victory.

VJ Stanley is the founder and President of Balanced Excellence. VJ was a 3 sport varsity athlete. He then went on to play junior hockey for the Rochester Monarchs and pursued his passion at Clarkson University. Unfortunately, he sustained two concussions in one week which ended his career after only one game. After the injury, at age 23, he became a high school coach at Fairport High School in Rochester, NY. He was the youngest high school hockey coach in Monroe County history. At Fairport, he set 13 records. VJ went on to become the head coach at the University of Rochester, coaching for 21 years. VJ founded Balanced Excellence as an answer to his family’s and friends constant questions about the stress associated with their children’s participation in youth sports. He became an author and public speaker with over 30 years of experience with youth and high school sports injury prevention, as well as providing leadership, insights and consulting for long-term athletic development. Mental health and the pure enjoyment of playing youth sports for fun are a huge part of Balanced Excellence.

In this episode VJ discusses:

  • His own athletic and coaching journey. 
  • The difference between trust and respect.
  • Why it’s about the journey of helping others get better.
  • Why Balanced Excellence is a microcosm of life.
  • Why we should be giving kids equal playing time at the developmental level.
  • Why no one knows how to win.
  • Teaching children to own and value the journey.

You can listen to the episode in full here.

You can learn more about VJ’s work by visiting www.balancedexcellence.com .

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