Sean Boret (Eton College): Why so serious?

Sean is the lead S&C Coach at Eton College. He has been working in gyms since 1993, initially in the Health & Fitness sector, before discovering the joy of working with young people in schools.His number one aim is to help kids leave school with a better understanding of physical fitness and more importantly, the self-motivation to find ways to stay active long into their future.

Whilst understanding the value of LTAD models, Sean’s only metric of interest is participation. And from experience he has found that once boys take an interest, that many good things will follow.

Sean discusses:

  • How his unique sporting background influenced his philosophy.
  • The Importance of Longevity in engagement in physical activity.
  • Do we have too much of a performance focus when we discuss LTAD?
  • What his role at Eton looks like.
  • How his personal philosophy impacts his role at Eton.
  • How he creates sessions/programs to encourage greater voluntary participation.
  • His advice for making the most of school based coaching opportunities.

Listen to the episode in full here.

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