The Athlete Academy Online is LIVE!

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Are you coach of parent of an athlete aged 13-18? Are they following a structured youth athletic development program or mindlessly following something from or Instagram? Or maybe they used to receive strength & conditioning coaching, but it’s been removed due to the after effects of Corona Virus? Well I have something for you! […]

The 10,000 hour rule – fact or fiction?

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If you’re involved in sport at any level (particularly grassroots) then you’ve probably come across the 10,000 hour rule, developed by Anders Ericsson. In simplest form, this “rule” suggests that it takes 10 years or 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to achieve “mastery”. Since this suggestion has become widely publicised, it has become the foundation […]

Not too little, not too much

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Some time ago I attended a UKSport Talent Coaches Breakfast seminar at Bournemouth University, given by a sports psychology lecturer Bryan Jones. He told a story from his time working with a Midlands football club. He told us the story of two vastly different youth players. The first was recruited from Germany, a talented young […]