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Andy Blyth (Simplyperform): Teach it, Test it, Tweak it

Andy Blyth is a Sport and Performance Psychologist, based in Edinburgh, specialising in one-to-one coaching to help people get better at what they care about.  Andy is also the owner of Simplyperform, as well as the Academy Sport Psychologist Hearts Football Club.

In this podcast Andy discusses:

  • How a Roman Emperor has influenced his practice.
  • Building a collaborative rather than authoritarian coaching approach with athletes.
  • Some of the myths that surround sport psychology.
  • How coaches can incorporate sport psychology into their practice sessions.
  • Some valuable resources for coaches wanting to improve their sport psychology skills.

You can listen to the episode in full here.

You can find out more about Andy’s work via his website  you can also follow him on Twitter via: @simplyperform .

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