Andy Bruce (Statera): Solving the youth athlete monitoring problem.

Andy is an Athletic Development and Physical Well-being coach at Merchant Taylors’ school and leads the UKSCA Special interest group for Strength and conditioning in schools. Steven studied maths at oxford and computer science at UCL and has a background coaching and competing in long-distance triathlon. After many races, and many hours of talking (mainly nonsense), eventually they came up with an idea, and that idea was Statera. Through his work as a Strength and Conditioning coach, Andy often remarked on  how difficult it was to accurately track the training of the youth and team athletes he was working with. He thought how great it would be to get all the information he needed on his athletes, all in one place, in a time efficient way. As luck would have it, through a blend of personal interests and software development skills, Steven had spent considerable time developing his own training diary. So, after some more talking, and a few more races, Steven began to develop a web application to solve Andy’s puzzle. And so Statera was born.

In this episode, Andy discusses:

  • Why there’s a need to manage workload in youth athletes.
  • The challenges of managing youth athletes who are involved in multiple activities.
  • Why he didn’t just use one of systems designed for senior professional sport.
  • Why Statera was created to solve his problem and how it can help other coaches.
  • The features and functionality of Statera for coaches and parents.
  • How you can get involved in helping Statera innovate and improve.

Listen to the interview in full here.

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