Athletic Evolution Conference Review – Andy Bruce (Guest Post)

While I have a moment on the plane home, I just wanted to put together a few thoughts on the Athletic Evolution Conference I attended this weekend. Now I go to quite a lot of CPD events, not actually for the ‘points’, but because I get intrinsic enjoyment out of the process of learning. So when the opportunity to learn about something I’m particularly interested in comes up, its a win-win. With youth athletic development events being reasonably few and far between, when I saw that this conference was arranged, I was booked up and ready to go almost straight away.
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The Female Athlete Triad (Guest Post – Andy Bruce)

A guest post by Andy Bruce of ACB Coaching.

For this post, we invited Andy Bruce of ACB Coaching, a strength and conditioning coach specialising in eating disorders to write about a particularly pertinent topic in female athletes – The Female Athlete Triad.

After a recent discussion on a Youth S&C Coaches facebook page, I was contacted by Rob asking if I would like to write a guest post for coaches to raise awareness of the Female Athlete Triad. Since the Female Athlete Triad is considered a condition that can have adverse and long term effects on both the health and performance of an individual, athletic coaches who work with this population have a both a professional and ethical obligation to understand what the Female Athlete Triad is, how to recognise it, and what to do about it if they suspect it.
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